Puig Exhaust Guard


Puig Exhaust Guard for Honda CB500X & CBR500R starting in 2022, CMX 500 Rebel starting in 2020.

Make sure you never damage your muffler in case of accident with this Puig exhaust protector.

Made from a silicone base, this protective belt is lightweight and resistant to the high temperatures of exhaust gases. Its polyamide rollers absorb shocks, even during dynamic falls. The rollers allow the motorcycle to glide smoothly over the ground, thus reducing the risk of catching on it.

It can be fitted to any muffler, whatever its shape, provided its width is between 170mm and 600mm.

In case of a crash, spare rollers are sold separately.

Shipment expected within 5 days

49,92 €

Data sheet

CompatibilityCB500X 2022 / CB500X 2023 / CBR500R 2022 / CMX500 Rebel

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