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    Honda genuine spare parts and accessories for your CB500F 2022

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    Tuning parts and accessories to customize your CB500F 2022

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    Windshield / screens to improve the protection, the aerodynamics and the look of your CB500F 2022

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    Top-box, side cases and soft luggage for traveling with your CB500F 2022

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    Exhausts of the best manufacturers to boost your CB500F 2022

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    Fairing, engine and cycle protection parts for your CB500F 2022

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    Batteries, turn signals and electrical accessories for CB500F 2022

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    Accessories and consumables for maintaining your CB500F 2022

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  • 183,25 € Shipment expected within 8 days

    Hepco-Becker C-Bow seat bags support for Honda CB500F after 2019. If you'd rather use panniers than top boxes or need more space, C-Bow anchors are for you! Their elegant, unobtrusive design blends in perfectly with the look of your CBR 500R, easily attaching to the bike's existing attachment points. What's more, these mounts ensure the right distance...

    183,25 €
  • 216,58 € In Stock

    Hepco-Becker Easyrack Top Box Holder for Honda CB500F after 2019. Do you own or plan to install a Hepco-Becker top box, but prefer an alternative to the Alurack permanent roll bar? Discover the Easyrack! Made from anodized aluminum, this holder offers excellent shock resistance while blending harmoniously with the overall design of your CBF 500. Like the...

    216,58 €
  • 191,58 € In Stock

    Hepco-Becker Alurack Top Box Rack for Honda CB500F starting in 2019. If you're looking for a reliable stand to install any Hepco-Becker top case, the Alurack is the ideal choice! Made from anodized aluminum, it offers both an elegant and shock-resistant design, blending in perfectly with the aesthetics of your CBF 500. An innovative system eliminates the...

    191,58 €
  • 183,25 € In Stock

    Hepco-Becker Sport Rack for Honda CB500F after 2019. Do you want to carry luggage without adding length or bulk to your bike? Then this is the bracket for you! The platform mounts in place of the passenger seat, using the same fasteners as the original saddle, making installation simple and tool-free. You can also easily attach a top case (with a...

    183,25 €
  • 183,25 € In Stock

    Hepco-Becker Mini Rack for Honda CB500F starting in 2019. For riders who need to carry small loads, the Minirack, or "package carrier", is ideal! Discreet and lightweight, it's perfect for sport bikes and roadsters. Soft bags can be strapped to all four sides of the Minirack. For heavier loads or larger bags, the addition of a universal plate may be...

    183,25 €
  • 47,42 € In Stock

    Hepco-Becker Lock-it Tank Bag Flange for Honda CB500F from 2019 and up. The Lock-it system has been designed to satisfy the needs of bikers who want to use a tank bag without the hassle of messy straps. By attaching the bracket to the tank cap screws, it provides a solid base for magnetizing the satchel to the ring and tank. Its simplicity and...

    47,42 €
  • 49,92 € In Stock

    Hepco-Becker Kickstand Extender for Honda CB500F after 2019. If you're looking for greater stability when parking your CBF 500, or if you frequently stop on uneven surfaces, this enlarger is specially designed for you. Thanks to its wide bearing surface and solid aluminum construction, this pad gives you optimum support whatever the weather conditions....

    49,92 €
  • 75,92 € 79,92 € -5% Shipment expected within 3 days

    BMC Racing Air Filter for Honda CB500F, CB500X OR CBR500R from 2019. If you use your motorcycle on the track and every second counts, the performance of the BMC Racing range will be for you. These parts offer maximum permeability, efficient filtration and solid particle retention, increasing airflow by 25%. Cotton filters can be re-used with specific BMC...

    75,92 € 79,92 € -5%
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  • 15,75 € In Stock

    The BMC cleaning kit is designed to extend the life of your BMC (or K&N) CB500 air filter. This maintenance kit includes a 500 ml cleaning product and a 250 ml lubricating oil. Regular maintenance of the filter allows it to maintain its full air flow capacity and thus maintain optimized performance for the engine over the long term.

    15,75 €
  • 395,83 € In Stock

    Hepco-Becker Motorcycle driving school Crashbars Kit for Honda CB500F from 2019 and up. This set of crashbars is perfectly suited to motorcycle schools and beginners, offering protection in case of fall or accident at low or moderate speed. It covers the front and rear of the CBF 500, with particular emphasis on the safety of the exhaust system, which is...

    395,83 €
  • 56,60 € 66,58 € -15% In Stock

    Kyoto GTZ8-V Battery for CBR500R - CB500F - CB500X starting in 2019. If you're looking for extra power and optimum durability from your battery, opt for KYOTO's maintenance-free, high-performance models. With up to 30% more cranking amperes, they outperform OEM batteries while remaining identical to them.  Pre-charged at the factory, they offer...

    56,60 € 66,58 € -15%
    Reduced price!
  • 148,25 € In Stock

    Puig Crankcase Guard Kit for Honda CB500F, CB500X & CBR500R from 2022. Protect your CB500's crankcase in case of accident with this protectors kit. The protections are made from ultra-light 4mm polypropylene, guaranteeing greater durability and high impact resistance. The shells are easy to fit over your casing's screw threads.

    148,25 €
  • 120,75 € In Stock

    Puig Rear Mudguard for Honda CB500F, CBR500R & CB500X starting in 2022. A tuning and protection part, the wheel washer fills the empty spaces on your motorcycle while protecting you from possible splashes, without compromising the image and spirit of your CB500.Made from high-impact ABS plastic, the part is easy to install thanks to the kit and...

    120,75 €
  • 67,42 € In Stock

    Puig Pullback Handlebar Risers for Honda CB500F & CB500X starting in 2022. Reposition your motorcycle's handlebars and improve your riding position with these handlebar bridges from Puig. Made from machined and anodized aluminum, these raisers blend in perfectly with your CB500 without detracting from its appearance, thanks to a choice of two colors:...

    67,42 €
  • 29,08 € In Stock

    Puig Handlebar Risers for Honda CB500F & CB500X starting in 2022. Improve your posture and riding experience with these bar risers! These anodized aluminum parts are available in 2 heights (20 or 30 mm) to offer the most confortable raiding position for you.  The risers are available in 2 colors to match the style of your bike : black or silver and...

    29,08 €
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