Ensure longevity and performance for your CBR500R with our routine maintenance kit. Quality products for optimal bike performance.



  • Braking

    Ensure instant response and maximum safety with our superior-quality braking system for the CBR500R. Designed for precise and reliable stops.

  • Oil change

    Keep your CBR500R in top condition with our engine oil change service. Superior lubrication for optimal bike performance.

  • Air filter

    Maximize your CBR500R's power with our high-performance air filter. Improve air intake for better combustion and increased performance.

  • Chain kit

    Ensure reliable transmission for your CBR500R with our high-quality chain kit. Robust, durable, and designed for optimal performance.

  • Cleaning

    Choose our cleaning and routine maintenance products for CBR500R. Ensure optimal performance and a radiant shine for your bike.