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  • Exhausts

    Exhausts to improve sound and performances of your CMX500 Rebel.

  • Tuning

    Tuning parts to customize the look of your CMX500 Rebel and make it (even more) stylish.

  • Honda OEM Accessories

    All the OEM Honda accessories and parts for the CMX500 Rebel.

  • Luggage

    Luggage as side bags or cases forn CMX500 Rebel.

  • Electricity

    Turn signals, batteries, and electrical accessories for CMX500 Rebel.

  • Maintenance

    Do yourself the maintenance of your CMX500 Rebel with our selection of accessories, parts and consumables.

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  • 582,50 € Shipment expected within 4 days

    Termignoni Exhaust for Honda CMX500 Rebel. Add an aggressive, urban look to your motorcycle with this muffler from the Termignoni range. The silencer is made of stainless steel with a black ceramic finish. The end cap is machined and finished in black. The can allows you to increase the power and torque of your motorcycle. Homologated.

    582,50 €
  • 729,17 € Shipment expected within 15 days

    Öhlins S36DR1 Shock Absorber for Honda CMX500 Rebel. Enhance the riding comfort of your Rebel with the Öhlins shock absorber. Its single-tube design and 36 mm piston ensure optimum performance for all your adventures. It's easy to install and can be adjusted in compression to suit your riding style and terrain. A preload adjustment tool is included to...

    729,17 €
  • 120,83 € Shipment expected within 8 days

    Hepco-Becker V1 Bags for Honda CMX500 Rebel. If you're looking for additional storage capacity for your next road trip, these satchels are just the thing. Made from polyester and polyurethane, the panniers are both abrasion- and water-resistant, thanks in particular to their small internal waterproof pouch. Lightweight and very stable, they can be mounted...

    120,83 €
  • 6,25 € Shipment expected within 2 days

    Round Key Ring, official Honda accessory. If you want to show your love for Honda, this official key chain is just the thing. It features the 3D "wings" logo featured on the CB500's fuel tanks. 

    6,25 €
  • 8,25 € Shipment expected within 2 days

    Vintage Key Ring, genuine Honda accessory. Personalize your CB500 right down to the keys with this official key chain. It features a 3D version of the old "wings" motif found on old Honda fuel tanks. 

    8,25 €
  • 17,38 € Shipment expected within 5 days

    Motul 80W-90 Gearbox and Transmission Oil for Honda CB500F, CB500X, CBR500R & CMX500 Rebel. Protect and maintain your gearbox with this transmission oil. The 80W90 protects against corrosion and foaming, and reduces gearbox friction and operating noise. Ideal for all transmissions. Compatible with all types of seals and gearbox materials.

    17,38 €
  • 11,58 € Shipment expected within 2 days

    Honda DOT4 Brake Fluid for CB500F, CB500X, CBR500R & CMX500 Rebel. Guarantee optimum braking for your machine, thanks to this OEM brake oil. Supplied in 500ml cans. Genuine Honda parts are the only ones recommended by your manufacturer for optimum life and performance.

    11,58 €
  • 233,25 € Shipment expected within 8 days

    Hepco-Becker Easyrack Top Box Holder for Honda CMX500 Rebel. Choose the most versatile, practical and safe top box holder in the Hepco range with the Easyrack! Made from anodized aluminum, this highly impact-resistant bracket blends harmoniously into the overall appearance of your Rebel. Like the Alurack, the Easyrack allows you to install all the brand's...

    233,25 €
  • 208,25 € Shipment expected within 8 days

    Hepco-Becker Alurack Top Box Rack for Honda CMX500 Rebel. If you own a Rebel and would like to install a top box, the Alurack is the perfect choice. Made from anodized aluminum, this holder combines versatility, practicality and high reliability, as well as being impact-resistant! It's compatible with all Hepco cases (aluminum or ABS), thanks to its...

    208,25 €
  • 183,25 € Shipment expected within 8 days

    Hepco-Becker Mini Rack for Honda CMX500 Rebel. If you want to pack your Rebel with luggage for your Route 66 roadtrip (or, more simply, for your daily commute), the Minirack is the ideal choice. This luggage carrier is very compact (in size and weight) but still allows you to fit soft bags. This is made possible by the 4 eyelets on the sides of the...

    183,25 €
  • 52,42 € Shipment expected within 8 days

    Hepco-Becker Lock-it Tank Bag Flange for Honda CMX500 Rebel. For bikers who want to use a tank bag without the inconvenience of unsightly straps, the Lock-It holder is ideal. The ring attaches to the tank cap screws, ensuring secure bag attachment with simplicity and efficiency. The attachment also ensures magnetic centering of the luggage on the bracket,...

    52,42 €
  • 130,75 € Shipment expected within 8 days

    Hepco-Becker Solorack Carrier for Honda CMX500 Rebel. If you don't particularly take passengers with you on your motorcycle, but need a solution for carrying luggage, the Solorack is the obvious choice. Made from black tubular steel, it can be fitted in place of the pillion seat to hold a bag or other items of luggage. Its design will blend in perfectly...

    130,75 €
  • 199,17 € Shipment expected within 8 days

    Hepco-Becker Motorcycle School Front Crashbars for Honda CMX500 Rebel. You've just received your license and you're worried about damaging your bike? Are you a motorcycle school and want to protect your vehicles? These tubular protectors are perfect for you. They provide special protection for the front of your Rebel, especially the handlebars and...

    199,17 €
  • 95,75 € Shipment expected within 8 days

    Hepco-Becker Headlight Guard for Honda CMX500 Rebel from 2017 to 2019. Keep your headlight safe from splashes and damage in case of accident with this headlight grille from Hepco-Becker! Made from black steel, this part is extremely robust and impact-resistant. It's easy to fit, and perfectly matches the Rebel's design.

    95,75 €
  • 15,75 € Shipment expected within 3 days

    The BMC cleaning kit is designed to extend the life of your BMC (or K&N) CB500 air filter. This maintenance kit includes a 500 ml cleaning product and a 250 ml lubricating oil. Regular maintenance of the filter allows it to maintain its full air flow capacity and thus maintain optimized performance for the engine over the long term.

    15,75 €
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