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Top-box, side cases and soft luggage for traveling with your CB500X 2019

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    Hepco-Becker Alurack Top Box Rack for Honda CB500X starting in 2019. Choose a versatile, practical and highly reliable top-case holder with Alurack! Made from anodized aluminum, this bracket combines elegance and shock resistance, ideal for a perfect fit on your CBX 500! Its innovative system does not require the addition of an intermediate plate, making...

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  • 208,25 € In Stock

    Hepco-Becker Easyrack Top Box Holder for Honda CB500X after 2019. Choose a versatile, practical and safe top case mount with this Easyrack model! This Hepco-Becker bracket is made from anodized aluminum, giving it excellent impact resistance, an elegant appearance and harmonious integration into the overall aesthetics of your CBX 500. There's no need for...

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  • 45,75 € In Stock

    Hepco-Becker Lock-it Tank Bag Flange for Honda CB500X from 2019 and up. If you want to carry small equipment on your bike or maximize its storage capacity, this tank bag holder will be your best ally. By attaching to the tank cap screws, the Lock-it system provides a solid base for fastening bags to the ring, freeing you from the hassle of unsightly...

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  • 162,42 € In Stock

    SW-Motech Street-Rack for Honda CB500F & CBR500R up to 2015 & CB500X. If you are looking for a sporty looking rack that can also be compatible with other lugagge brands, look no further ! Compact, lightweight and sturdy, this powder-coated aluminum top box holder will blend in with the shapes of your CB500. An extension can be purchased to...

    162,42 €
  • 41,58 € In Stock

    SW-Motech Pro Tank Ring for Honda CB500X after 2018. Equip your tank with paint-safe tankbags thanks to the Pro tank ring! The flange is easily attached to a mounting element screwed to the tank, and the panniers fitted with a top ring are positioned by a magnetic fastening system. The tank can still be opened for refueling, and the satchels are easy to...

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  • 41,58 € In Stock

    SW-Motech Pro Seat Ring for Honda CB500F & CB500X.  If you already have a PRO tankbag, but prefer to put it on the back seat, or if you can't fit anything on your tank, this holder is made for you! The tank ring is fixed on a special fiberglass plate, which is connected to a rubber holder for a better grip. The whole thing is secured to the passenger...

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  • 58,25 € In Stock

    SW-Motech Street-Rack Extension Tray for Honda CB500F, CB500X & CBR500R.Increase the area of your top-case rack, especially to accommodate soft luggage, with this Street-Rack extender.Made from black powder-coated aluminum, the tray is extremely sturdy, further enhanced by its reinforcements and three-point locking system.It's easy to assemble and...

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  • 240,83 € In Stock

    SW-Motech PRO Side Holders for Honda CB500X and for CB500F & CBR500R up to 2016. If you already own luggage and want to easily adapt it to your new bike, or if you want to buy some, these side mounts are for you.The parts are made of powder-coated steel and finished in epoxy, ensuring a strong and perfect fit on your machine. The brackets are fixed on...

    240,83 €
  • 171,67 € In Stock

    Givi Remove-X Side Panniers Brackets for Honda CB500X after 2019.Would you like to install soft saddlebags on your CB, but don't want to spoil its appearance with unaesthetic permanent mounts? Givi's brand-new Remove-X system is perfect for you.A clip, fixed to the passenger footrests, acts as an anchoring point for the rack. When you don't want to use...

    171,67 €
  • 182,50 € Shipment expected within 5 days

    SHAD SH48 Titanium Top Box for Honda CB500F, CB500X and CBR500R. Whatever your motorcycle storage needs, the new Shad SH48 Titanium will meet them while adding a modern, elegant look to your machine!With its tough plastic and sleek, modern look, it can accommodate two full-face helmets.The SH48 offers 4 alternative shell colors: carbon, white or titanium...

    182,50 €
  • 89,92 € Shipment expected within 4 days

    Givi S410 Trolley Plate for Honda CB500F, CB500X, CBR500R & CMX500 Rebel. If you want to be able to transport your top box very easily when you stop (especially if it's for a romantic weekend away), then this plate that converts your case into a trolley is made for you! The S410 is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon. It must be fitted between the...

    89,92 €
  • 120,75 € Shipment expected within 5 days

    Shad SL58 Side Panniers for Honda CB500F, CB500X, CBR500R and CMX500 Rebel.Take your gear with you wherever you go with this pair of expandable saddlebags!Together, they offer a storage volume ranging from 46 to 58L. Individually, they can hold the equivalent of a helmet. They are secured with straps that keep them fixed, even in traffic.Two rain covers...

    120,75 €
  • Givi M7 Monokey Plate for Honda CB500F ou CB500X. This plate is great for all the bikers who already own Givi top cases or who wish to purchase one. The M7, unlike the M5, can be equipped with a painted cover when not in use, for a more aesthetic look. It is to be associated with the 1152FZ, 1176FZ ou 1121FZ racks and is exclusively compatible with the...

  • 46,58 € Shipment expected within 4 days

    Givi GPS/Phone Carrier for Honda Forza 750. Carry your smartphone/GPS easily on a ride with this bracket that can be attached to the handlebars (even conical) or mirrors. Thanks to its large tactile and transparent surface, your device is easy to use. A sunshield prevents reflections on the screen and an opening at the bottom allows you to plug in a...

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  • 88,25 € Shipment expected within 2 days

    Honda seat bag kit for CB500X from 2019. Allows the installation of a bag with a storage capacity of 15l expandable to 22l on the rear part of the seat. Specifically adapted to the tapered shape of the saddle, the stability of the bag is ensured and installation is quick. The kit includes the saddlebag (08L73-MKJ-D00), the fixing (08L70-MKJ-D00) and a...

    88,25 €
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