Hepco-Becker Motorcycle driving school kit CB500X

FS5039780005 + FS5049780005

Hepco-Becker Motorcycle driving school Crashbars Kit for Honda CB500X from 2013 to 2016.

This set of crashbars has been specially developed for motorcycle schools and newly licensed riders, providing safety in case of falls or accidents at low or medium speeds.

It protects both the front and rear of the CBX 500, accentuating the shielding of the exhaust pipe, often exposed in minor falls. These elements can be combined with engine guards and offer several advantages:

- Protection for indicators, levers, exhaust and fairings.

- Solid fixing points on the motorcycle.

- Made from reinforced, pre-insulated tubing, plastic-coated for extra durability.

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395,83 €

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CompatibilityCB500X 2013 / CB500X 2014 / CB500X 2015 / CB500X 2016